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"To say Pam is wonderful at what she does is an understatement! I started going to her for facials 9 months ago. I have acne-prone skin and am always hesitant to try someone new for facials. I continue to be grateful that my friend suggested I see Pam! She is so incredibly attentive and vastly knowledgeable in this field. I love how she thoroughly explains what she is doing each step of the way and always makes it a relaxing experience!  I defer to her as to what type of facial she does with each appointment-- as she is the expert. She truly caters the facial to my skin each and every time! I would highly recommend her and always look forward to my next appointment! Thank you again, Pam! You are the truly the BEST!"                                                                                                                             

Melissa H.

"When I first came to Pam, I was skeptical to try the skin routine she recommended for me because I’ve tried so many others in the past 2 years, which didn’t work. I realized I had nothing to lose so I stuck with her plan, and so far I do not regret it. I’m not going to lie, it was tough at first considering the condition of my skin. However, I am pleased to see how much my skin has improved in a matter of 5 weeks thanks to Pam. My skin is a lot smoother now than it was when I first came to her. Though there’s some more progress to be made, I am glad about the direction where it’s going. Your skin won’t completely heal overnight. I definitely recommend her for anyone struggling with acne. She knows everything about different types of skins and she will give you the right products that’ll work with your skin type. As long as you are consistent with everything she gives and tells you, you will be satisfied."


"Pam Sebestyen is unquestionably the best massage therapist I have encountered in my years as a Physical Therapist and endurance/triathlon coach.  Within minutes of my first visit with Pam, it was very evident she has a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology along with an unmatched massage technique skill set. She is very professional, highly trained, intuitive, and committed to her craft.  Pam is truly an expert in her field.   I could not recommend her highly enough!"

Shawn H. MSPT, USA Triathlon Certified Level 1 Coach, and 20+ time Ironman Finisher

"I've been going to Pam for massages for more than 20 years. (That's not a typo.) She moved to Fairfield, and I now drive more than an hour to see her. No one gives a massage like Pam. Her combined facial and massage treatment is the best. If I lived closer, I would get her services at least monthly. But I do make the trip three-to-four times a year.
I tried her Re-a-FIRM cream before I left on an overseas trip. It literally "revived" my dry skin without being oily or greasy. She has other wonderful products, as well. Her treatment room is beautifully appointed, quiet, and relaxing. Just what I need to stop everything and unplug."

Joanne B. , Kentfield, CA

"Pam was able to accommodate a last minute appointment request. The appointment scheduling was easy and straightforward. The area was professional - clean and relaxing. The massage itself was great - I don't get massages very often (maybe once or twice a year), and she was able to identify problem areas easily and work on them. She also gave me some feedback on ways to reduce stress on these areas in the future. I plan on returning here in the future and have already scheduled another appointment!"

Nick M., Fairfield, CA

"While on a getaway to Calistoga I had a relaxing mud bath session which included a one hour massage as part of the package. When the massage was over, I remember thinking to myself, 'Is that it? Is that all there is?" My next thought was I must be very spoiled by my bi-weekly, 1/2 hour massages from Pam. Pam knows where every sore muscle in your body is and works them out quickly. For me, a massage from anyone else is just a waste of time and money. My only complaint is that she needs another room to roll me into when she is done, so I can rest and nap before having to get up and leave."

A long-time spoiled patient, Jeff B.

"Pam Sebestyen is the answer to a massage addict's prayers. Choirs of angels sang.

Seriously.  OK, maybe I am still a little massage-headed in my post-massage bliss, but I have tried hundreds of massage therapists in my life.  I've been mining for gold long enough to know when I have found the genuine article.

From the first touch I knew that Pam was going to rock my 90 minutes.  She has that knack for setting the pressure on wonderful and leaving it there throughout the massage even though that means different things for different muscles. Her skill and intuition combine with her extensive education to deliver the highest quality massage I have ever enjoyed.  If you are not a member of In Shape, you will pay a bit more, but she's worth it.

Massage is an integral part of my health care and Pam just became a welcome addition to my team of therapists."

Cyndi C.

"I have been to spas around the world but love the fact that we have such a wonderful spa close by in REVIVE.  I have been a client for several years.  It is warm, tranquil and relaxing.  The massages are awesome, tailored specifically to each individual's issues as are the essential oils and augmenting body treatments.  No detail is overlooked.  Pam is intuitive and knowledgeable in many areas; muscles, skin, nutrition and she cares about the long term health of her clients.  Whether it's working out a sports injury, trying to de-stress from work or just needing a little rejuvenation,  REVIVE is truly a little slice of heaven!"

Linda O.

"As a firm believer in massage therapy as part of a whole life health plan, I am very particular about my therapists. Pam is unmistakably one of the most talented and highly trained technicians I have ever seen. Her commitment to her patients' total health drives her to continue her training and to work hand and hand with other healthcare professionals. Pam has been irreplaceable as a primary contributor to my back health, neck health, sports injury recovery, and my overall quality of life. She is truly an "M.D." of the massage therapy profession, and I could not recommend her more highly!"

Dean T.

"Pam Sebestyen changed my life. It’s really true! Her massage work improved the pain in my back and neck, enabling bones and muscles that previously wouldn’t move to now move. She referred me to specialized doctors she knew whom she felt could benefit me. They sang her praises and provided medical care that I would not have found on my own. I am so appreciative of the time, energy and knowledge that Pam has shared with me. I am a healthier person as a result and am so glad that Pam is part of my health care team!"

Lynn U.

"I have had the privilege of going to many spas and Pam’s facials are by far the best I have had. My skin is dry with oily patches and some discoloring. I leave it up to Pam to decide which of the facials that she offers is the best for my skin at that time.  I play a lot of tennis so I am out in the sun a lot.  I have had so many compliments on my skin and many people have said I look more than 10 years younger than my actual age!  The environment at REVIVE in Solano is warm, friendly and professional.  Thank you Pam, you are the best!"

JC Napa

 "I can't say enough positive things about Pam at REVIVE in Solano. I will preface this by saying (at the risk of sounding like a spa snob!) that I've been to some fabulous destination spas as well as some 5 star city spas... Pam is an amazing massage therapist and esthetician! I love her facial/massage combo and try to book it monthly. Pam's facility is comforting and clean, and her spa services are absolutely a great value for the money. I would, and have recommended Pam at REVIVE to many friends. We are very lucky to have her in Fairfield. I have never been disappointed!"

Cindy A.

"I have been a client of Pam Sebestyen’s now for nearly 3 years.  I find her to be extremely professional, skilled, and always up to date with the latest in massage techniques.  She has the true ability to sense out sore spots in one’s body that may require extra stretching/massage in addition to her excellent work in performing the massage.  Her touch is truly magic.  Pam also has a comprehensive understanding of skin care and body function.  She is extremely motivated in keeping up to date with understanding and relaying back to the client the latest skin improvement technologies as well as holistic ways to bring a better balance to the body-life connection.  Being a scientist by training I really appreciate being able to discuss how products both naturally derived as well as chemically synthesized can be better utilized for cosmetics as well as understand the reasons why one would prefer using one product over the other.  My conversations with Pam have always left me with a better picture of my overall skin care as well as my body function.

I highly recommend Pam Sebestyen and her spa, REVIVE in Solano, to any one who wants to improve their body and rest their minds.  Thanks Pam!"


"Before I met Pam my skin was dry and had a very red tone to it.  Worst yet was the acne: I would have severe breakouts that would leave me feeling self-conscious of what I saw in the mirror.  I hoped noone else was seeing what I was seeing, but just to be on the safe side, I'd pile on the make-up.  Now, after using the products Pam recommended, there are days when I look in the mirror and decide to skip the make-up all together! I love my skin.  Thanks Pam!"

Chelsea M.

"I have gotten many, many massages at some of the best resorts in the country, and when I first experienced Pam's massage three years ago, I realized that none of the others even compared.  I love massages with Pam at REVIVE so much that now when I travel to a spa with friends I won't even book a massage. Why bother when I have one of the best massage therapists right here at home?"

Barbara J.

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