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My Amazing Story!

Let me first say that I LOVE my job! I have been a massage therapist for over 3 decades, and each day I count my blessings to be in this wonderful profession. Needless-to-say, it is a very physical job - particularly since I have done primarily deep tissue massage throughout my career.

With the accumulation of age and hours of work, various aches and pains developed. For over two years, I would have burning pain down my neck during the first 20 minutes of every massage I would do. It was manageable, but very uncomfortable and bothersome. The arthritis in my neck caused limited range of motion and stiffness when trying to turn my head. I also developed achey hip joints. A mere 20-minute drive in my car would require an extra minute or two to be able to stand upright after getting out. I chalked all of this up to the "inevitable aging process."

The real problem was when I began having pain in my left thumb and wrist - to the point where I could not even hold onto a plate to do dishes. I was hiding from my clients the fact that I was often about to gasp in pain. I couldn't open my thumb or use any pressure with that hand. The pain was getting progressively worse and more debilitating over an 8 month period of time. I also developed a trigger thumb that wouldn't go away.

I have to tell you... I was seriously depressed that I would have to give up my massage career, and that these conditions would only get worse. I was desperately trying to think of a "Plan B."

Thankfully, about that time, someone introduced me to an all-natural wellness product made from pure whole food concentrates. I was extremely skeptical at first about its ability to do anything for my pain, but I figured it was more convenient to "drink to my health" than take handfuls of pills (which I was very inconsistent at doing). I also liked the ingredients I saw and believed in the value and power of superfoods. Little did I know....

After taking it daily for two and a half weeks, I noticed that my thumb started to move a little more and with less pain. I was surprised and intrigued. At that point I realized that I had not had the burning pain in my neck nor the achey hip joints for at least a week! (How could I not have noticed that a pain I had for two years straight was now gone???)

Each day I was incredulous over the gaining strength and increasing mobility in my thumb and wrist. After 2 months I literally had FULL strength and mobility in my hand as I did 10 years ago! I got my career back!!! And to my surprise, within 10 months my trigger thumb went away as well. I didn't even know that was possible.

Other positive changes in my health became apparent - too many to list here, but trust me when I say I am sold on the power of whole food healing. The nutrient-dense, bio-available nutrition I am receiving is far beyond what I could possibly eat in a day. Even with the power-packed smoothies I would make.

I feel so blessed to have my own results as well as a new product I can recommend to my clients and anyone who is wanting better health, energy, mental focus, and ... who knows what else it will do? Our bodies are the miracle. If we feed our cells the most advanced nutrition on the planet, our bodies have the wisdom to know how to direct the healing.

Would you like to find out for yourself?

Please contact me! I would love to tell you more about it. TEXT is best. 707.399.7284  Or if you have never tried it before, contact me for a free sample.

To your best health!

Pam Sebestyen

P.S. I was tickled to receive the following text from a client after asking her 5 questions and giving her just ONE SAMPLE! These are the kind of results I see every day with this amazing product. If you are a health practitioner, let's talk seriously about how you can boost your clients' results well beyond your treatment room. Create loyal customers who respond like the one below.

"Hi! Okay so it's been 30 minutes and here are my answers:

Energy... higher say from 3 to at least 6!

Mental Clarity/Focus better, say 2-3 to now 7-8

Hunger... well less hungry, but I could still eat angel

Stress level. I'd say that has improved some.

Pain/discomfort... this is the heel pain is ZERO!! I keep walking around on my tile floor to really check this. It is seriously nonexistent!!! It still hurt walking from the appointment to my car. Now nothing!!

I want to get this!"

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